Wappner Cremation Center

Why Families Choose Wappner
For families here in Central Ohio, tradition and dignity in funeral service is important. And so is saving money. Since we own and operate our on-site crematory, we can offer caring, attentive cremation services at the most reasonable, economical prices. We never allow an outside company to perform cremations for our families, so your loved one is well cared for.

Gathering-webCremation Committal Service
Wappner Cremation Center provides an opportunity for a family and guests to gather together and say good-bye to their loved one before the cremation takes place. This can be informally with family or it can be an organized service with guests. This service is known as a Cremation Committal Service, where prayers, poems, eulogies and stories can be told. This is the same as a committal service for burial except cremation follows. Some families choose a Cremation Committal followed by Witnessing of the cremation.

Witness-webWitnessing Cremation
Wappner Cremation Center provides an opportunity for family and invited guests to witness or view the beginning of the cremation. This occurs in a very peaceful, intimate and comfortable area called our cremation viewing room. The family can also participate by initiating the cremation of their loved one themselves. This can be a benefit to some family members who believe it helps add closure to the death.