Plan Ahead

plan ahead

At Wappner Cremation Center, Ohio families make their final arrangements well in advance for a variety of important reasons. First, they want to make their wishes known…and be assured that they’ll be carried out exactly. When you meet with a member of the Wappner Cremation Staff, you’ll make all your choices, including your site, the type of memorial service you desire, and any permanent monument or plaque.

Most of all, you’ll shield your family from having to make complicated choices at a difficult time. And if you pre-pay, you’re assured that the cost of your services will never increase. Call Wappner today. In Mansfield and Central Ohio, we’re the preferred choice.

Note: Payment for future needs will be set aside in a separate fund, and it cannot be co-mingled. You are required to meet with a staff member within two weeks or we will refund the money. In addition there is a 3% credit card processing fee.