While many Central Ohio families choose cremation, you may still have some questions about what is involved in the process. We’re here to help. Please note that our crematory is located at our facility, which means we personally supervise every step of the cremation process, and your loved one never leaves our care. If you have other questions, please contact us for immediate attention.

A: The cremation process uses high heat and flame to reduce the human body to small particles and fragments of bone. It is not a funeral or memorial service, though we can help you plan the disposition of the cremated remains as part of a beautiful tribute for your loved one.

A: The process lasts about two to three hours, depending on weight.

A: When the process is complete, only bone fragments remain. In our owned and operated crematory, these are processed to a uniform size, placed in a container, and returned to you. Please ask us about the many beautiful urns and memorial containers we offer, as well as other dignified choices for the preservation of the cremated remains.

A: They look like coarse sand, ranging in color from pure white to gray. Normally, they weigh from four and eight pounds.

A: According to state regulations, they are returned to you in a simple box. However, Wappner Cremation Center offers central Ohio families many lovely choices in decorative sculptured urns and other containers. Please click here to view our selection.

For answers to all other cremation questions, call us at (419) 709-8350.


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